TBMYO Tekstil Teknolojisi

Textile Technology Program has an application lab. 1 washing machine, 1 oven, 2 hot plates, perspirometer, crockmeter, fabric sample cutter and consumable materials exist in the lab. Two other labs of the school are also used.

Our objective is to train the necessary staff in Weaving, Spinning, Apparel to meet the needs in this field.

Our mission is to train technicians who could work successfully in all areas of textile, have modern and qualified education, open to development, create dialog with strong ethical values and solve the problems. It’s to provide the service of the textile industry.

Our vision is to train the technicians who are able to use professional knowledge and skills in line with the needs and progress of humanity, society and industry, capable of renewing itself according to scientific and technological developments, have profession of social, ethical and economic dimensions of consciousness and responsibility by providing modern education and research and development opportunities at the international level.



Get the score ‘160’ and above ‘ 160 out of YGS

Socks and Fashion Design, Carpet and Rug Making, Mode Design, Textile Technology

The graduate students of this program are able to work in garment, negative coloring sections of yarn-fabric-printing units in all textile factories. Because of the fact that Textile and garment industry is an important emerging area of our country there are spacious work opportunities for the graduate students of this program. After this staff have worked for a few years, they could take part in top level. They are able to work as a consultant or expert in companies related to textile, garments and fashion.

The students are able to do their internship in each of the spinning, weaving, knitting, finishing, apparel sections of textile factories.

After having taken the sufficient score out of exam ‘DGS’ by OSYM, it is possible to study in the departments such as Technical Teaching or Engineering.

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